Ibrahimovic’s first statements about his return to Milan

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 38, held his first official press conference as a player for Milan.

The Swedish player signed with Milan and already chose his shirt number. He will wear the number 21 as he himself said at the request of his children who chose this number for him.

At the press conference, Zlatan spoke about his goals of returning to the Italian league, but also about the possibility of withdrawing from rossoneri.

“You never know, when you have a good relationship with everyone and as long as I’m still active, I search for challenges and present results everywhere. I don’t like to be just a statue.”

“If, after 6 months from now I am doing a good job, I will continue in the club. I did not submit the required level, I will count from here and I will not be interested. I did not come here because I am Ibrahimovic! I will start from scratch and I must present good results. The past does not It helps me, and what gives me motivation is action and challenge. I am someone who works like this. “

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