Barcelona would make history, if won El Clasico

Barcelona and Real Madrid are going to finally confront at Camp Nou on Wednesday for the season’s El Clasico.

Originally this match was scheduled in 26 October, but postponed during security concerns due to number of protests, after prominent figures of Catalan separatist movement were locked up.

Eventually the match was scheduled and finally La Liga headliner teams are confronting on Wednesday, where victory guarantee a great start as a La Liga headliner in the new year.

If Barcelona won, they will celebrate for more than three points where they have a chance to achieve more victories in the league than Real Madrid in El Clasico for first time in history.

The two clubs had met 178 times in La Liga since 1929, and each won in 72 occasions, but victory for Ernesto Valverde’s men they will go forward ahead the capital team in El Clasico.

Madrid will be desperate in order to win on Wednesday after a failure in the last six matches.

Barcelona won 1-0 at Santiago Bernabeu in the Spanish League in March, preceding Real Madrid in total wins at El Clasico in all competitions for the first time since 1931. Barcelona now has 96 wins in all competitions, while Real Madrid owns 95 Only victory.

The two teams reach today’s match and each owns 35 points from the 16 matches they have played in the league so far. Ernesto Valverde’s men did not receive a defeat in nine games in all competitions, although they were able to take the lead in the lead in the event if they had won their last match against Real Sociedad.

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