Messi : Barcelona need “start from zero” in UEFA Champions League

Lionel Messi confessed Barcelona is still recovering the way the club went out of UEFA Champions League for the last two seasons, but he said ” we should start from the zero ” this season.

Barcelona was excluded with goals difference in 2018 April after losing against Roma 1 – 4, despite winning 3 – 0 in Camp Nou.

Liverpool turn the tables on Barcelona in the semifinals 0 – 4 in Anfield, Messi confessed these two defeats are still tough.

After Barcelona heading its current group which includes Borussia Dortmund, Inter and Slavia Prague this season, Messi appears to urge his colleagues to forget what happened in the past.

“let’s be honest we are still hurting, but we have to start from zero, it’s a new year, new competition and its obvious we should learn from the mistakes and to think about the future ” winner of Ballon d’Or six times in an Adidas event on Wednesday.

“we should forget what happened last year and the year before it, it would wrong to think about it “.

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