Solskjær become first coach beat Mourinho and Guardiola at same week

After a tough start, it seems Ole Gunnar Solskjæ has just started to put the foundation for Manchester United success in Manchester United.

The defeats it received from Newcastle, Bournemouth and Astana have increased the pressure on coach of red devils, but after his great victory in Manchester derby on Saturday, he seemed to regained a great deal of self-confidence, apparently the season have started up again for the team.

Victory in Etihad has just come after days of winning over Tottenham, coached by Portuguese José Mourinho.

However, in the middle of all this commotion lately, it seems the importance of these two victories have brought back confidence for Norwegian coach.

Mourinho and Guardiola are great competitors, and two of most respectful coaches in history, each of them were defeated by inexperienced Solskjaer.

Before yesterday, no coach has ever won over Mourinho and Guardiola at the same week, but Manchester United had achieve it.

of course, this might be in its right place because a few numbers of clubs have faced these two coaches within a week, so it’s unlikely this opportunity to be available again for a large number of coaches.

Though, it’s a symbolic statistic confirms Solskjaer ability to go so far in his career as a coach.

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