PSG owners prepare to make new hit in Europe

PSG owners want to purchase Leeds United, only simple details remain to be specified, Qatari owners want to allocate 15 million euro to purchase their share in the club, then they want to be the only owners in summer, if Leeds return to Premier League, the total coast would be close to 150 million euro. 

Current Italian owner Andrea Radrizzani is asking to obtain 90 million euro to sell the team now, double of what he paid in 2017, Leeds was for sell long time ago, but Radrizzani didn’t find a buyer with the amount he wishes.

Leeds is headliner in Premier League, 8 points apart from rank three, it might be the first club to guarantee arriving to Premier League.

Yesterday, Leeds won over Huddersfield 2 – 0, Argentinian coach Bielsa has only 3 defeats within 20 matches. 

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