Messi celebrate 700th match with Barcelona in qualify to Champions League round of 16

Messi scored his 631th goal in his 700th match on Wednesday when Catalans won against Borussia Dortmund 1 – 3, to qualify for to Champions League’s round of 16.

Messi celebrated with his own way where he scored a goal, helped Luis Suarez and Griezmann Antoine to score, in a comforting victory for Barcelona in Camp Nou.

Dortmund hope to win over Slavia Prague in its field after two weeks, while Barcelona wants to play a strong game in Inter Milan court, especially after 8 days it’s going to host Real Madrid for La Liga.

For certain, Barcelona owes this successful for his 1st star Messi who scored 10 goals within his last nine games he played, this comes prior announcing winner of 2019 Ballon d’Or in Paris next Monday, this year Messi’s greatest competitor is Virgil Van Dijk, Liverpool Centre-back.

In addition to his 613th goal, Messi made 237 crucial passes in 700th matches with the club, further Messi had participated to score 850 goals with Barcelona since the first match with the club.

Sancho who played as an alternative with Dortmund in second half, scored the only goal for his team in the 58th minute.

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