Ronaldo pick best goal scored during his career

Juventus’s star Cristiano Ronaldo confirmed the bicycle kick he scored against his current club while playing with Real Madrid in 2018, is the best one of 701 goals in his career until now.

Ronaldo joined “The 700 Club” when he scored for Portugal against Ukraine during international standstill period, then scored the 701th goal in Serie A, Ronaldo is now behind Pele with 66 goals, where the Brazilian legend scored 767 goals during formal matches of clubs and national teams, Ronaldo could beat this record within few years.

With such large amount of goals, you might believe it would be hard for Ronaldo to pick the best goal for him, but the Portuguese did not find any difficulty selecting it directly.

“if you asked me to pick up the best goal, I would say my goal against Juventus because I have been trying to score it since years ago ” Ronaldo said.

Even the moments came after that goal which announced Real Madrid coronation for UEFA Champions League three times in a row, Ronaldo conceder it the most beautiful moments in his life.

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