President of Napoli admit his wish to sign with Ibrahimovic

LA Galaxy star Zlatan Ibrahimovic return to Serie A, might become a reality.

Where Aurelio De Laurentiis president of Napoli has confirmed that the Italian club is interested to sign with Ibrahimovic ( 38 years old), but he said the final decision is only for the player.

“I met him not as a player but as a regular person in LA, because we stayed in the same hotel, my wish him to be in my team, its more than just a suggestion but its up to him, and he was spoken to few months ago”, De Laurentiis to De Luna.

De Laurentiis statements are after few days of Ibrahimovic saying ” he was very careful to go through Napoli’s experience” after watching a documentary about the club’s legend Diego Maradona.

Ibrahimovic contract with terminates in January LA Galaxy, but he still has some unfinished works in MLS, where he is preparing for the showdown against Los Angeles FC.

Zlatan who came in 2018 scored 29 goals within 28 matches.

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