Zlatan Ibrahimovic getting closer to Napoli

38 years old Zlatan Ibrahimovic exposed his wish to return to European football, the Swedish destination will be Serie A, a tournament he played in for seven seasons in the past.

Carlo Ancelotti was the first coach to respond to Ibrahimovic wish, and announced the next day in a press conference after Verona – Napoli match, 0 – 2, that he will speak with the attacker to bring him to San Paulo. 

“I will call him tonight and tell him we are waiting for him, tomorrow after talking to him, I’ll let you know how did things went” Ancelotti.

Ibrahimovic and Ancelotti worked together for one season only in PSG, but they have a very good relationship, lately the Swedish said he is sad because cooperating with Italian coach wasn’t successful in the past.

Before coming to Manchester United, the player told his agent Mino Raiol he wants to end career with Mino Raiol team.

Furthermore, Ancelotti was asked about the possibility of Ibrahimovic coming to his club in a conference before match with Juventus.

“Of course I will bring Ibrahimovic, he should come with a small discount, or maybe even for free” the coach said.

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