“Matchday” documentary about Barcelona – everything you need to know

Barcelona is a subject for documentary about what happens behind the scenes, it’s not surprising the champion of La Liga to be a documentary subject, particularly after achieving UEFA Champions League 26 last April, and retains its place as one of the most successful clubs in Europe.

What is Matchday ?

Matchday is a documentary series handles Barcelona specially during eight games it played in 2018 – 2019.

The voice is made by American actor John Malkovich, its scheduled that Matchday will provide a personal glimpse about the life of many players during the season.

The eight episodes’s duration will be 45 minutes and about eight crucial games during 18-19 season, including Barcelona defeating Real Madrid twice, the topic was covered deeply with footages shows how the players are preparing for the games mentally and physically.

However, the devastating disappointment of losing the UEFA Champions League semifinal in Anfield against Liverpool 0 – 4  is filmed.

Outside the field, cameras have entered to the personal life of many players and their daily activities away from the courts, one of these episodes will be focusing on Messi who enjoys barbeque in Luis Suárez house, as well as Piqué who enjoys time with his family.

Matchday is due in next November, despite of not announcing  official appointment.

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