Ronaldo may not be able to outrun Messi again

The amazing free kick which Messi scored with it his first goal this season against Sevilla last Sunday, has put him at the head of top five leagues in Europe regarding free kicks scorer.

This goal is the 420th for Messi In La Liga and its greater than his competitor’s Cristiano Ronaldo, it seems un probably for Ronaldo to outrun Messi anymore, where Ronaldo was able to achieve 21 goals only in the previous season with Juventus, and it’s the worst scores record for him during two decades, while Messi scored 36 goals with Barcelona.  

The free kick Messi scored against Sevilla on Sunday is important for more than one reason, it didn’t only refers to the Argentinian returning to his physique after he suffered an injury in the season beginning, but he achieved though it a new record in Europe.

All the 420 goals Messi scored during 455 games only, moreover Ronaldo scored 419 goals in 525 games during his career in England, Spain and Italy. 

In the past three seasons, Ronaldo was able to score 25, 26 and 21 goals respectively, while Messi is not showing any signs of slowing.

The goals Messi scored in the previous three seasons which is 37, 34 and 36 respectively, are the highest scoring rates after his record in 2011-2012 season where scored 50 goals.

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