Tabarez – it’s early to talk about Suarez’s career end with Uruguay

“it’s early to think that Luis Suárez time with the national team has come to an end, Uruguay coach, Oscar Tabarez said.

Suárez whom played 111 games with the national team is going to miss the international friendly games in 11 and 15 October, because of undergoing medical treatment in Barcelona.

In a response to a question about Suárez who scored four goals in Barcelona’s previous three games, Tabarez said to the journalists ” how much time left for Suárez with the national team ? he is here since 2007, how many matches he played ? how many goals he scored ? how many times he played with an injury? He got over all that, so I believe it’s premature to talk about Suarez’s end with the national team.

“it’s hard to guess the player’s future, I didn’t expect what Suárez achieved in football, in 2006 when he first came here to practice, I saw him doing extraordinary things, he did everything he could for the national team”.   

“What Suárez added to football in Uruguay is huge, not to mention he might give us much more from now on also, I hope he still be able to give us more, am not sure 100% of the injury effects on his career but we should not worry more “.

Suárez the historical scorer has achieved 58 goals since 2007 for Uruguay.

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