Highest level deal in Barcelona – Neymar for Griezmann

Barcelona did not give up on Neymar yet, French press alleged that there is a surprise plan being prepared in the club’s administration: the Brazilian will be replaced with French Griezmann.

considering Griezmann first appearance in Barcelona wasn’t as accepted, in addition, the player’s mutual understanding with Messi is not perfect also, the officials are thinking of a new surprise plan, according to Le10Sport.

It expected the step to be done in 2020 summer, but Barcelona will have to pay the difference also because PSG is not ready to give the player easily, especially the club paid greatest amount in history 222 million euro to sign with the player.

The Catalan officials are also facing pressure from Messi, because they failed to bring Neymar back this summer after being so close to complete the deal.

In case of a possible replacing happened between Neymar – Griezmann, there will be a problem, which is Griezmann admires Marseille, an opponent club to PSG, further remains to see to what extent the attacker wants this step.

Griezmann transferred from Atlético Madrid to Barcelona for 120 million euro, since arriving Camp Nou, the French played nine formal games, scored 3 goals and two crucial passes.

If the plan didn’t work, Barcelona has plan p also with Mbappe, but the problem is the attacker was requested a long time ago from Real Madrid.

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