UEFA Champions League: Manuel Neuer under pressure

Since participating world cup 2010, German goalkeeper Manuel Neuer became the fundamental pillar in the national team under coach Joachim Low supervision.

With Marc-Andre Ter Stegen rising since moving to Barcelona, he is now considered one of the best goalkeepers in the world, besides being six years younger than Neuer, he was recently nominated for the world best goal keeper award alongside with Ederson of Manchester City and a previous winner, Brazilian Alisson Becker of Liverpool.

Neuer’s backing off was due to the unfortunate injury few years ago, which prevented him to play much for Bayern during 2017/18 season, where he played three times only that season, and there were a lot of questions about his future with the German club at that time.

After returning to the field, ter Stegen appeared strongly and the competition has grew over the keeper in the national team, however, Low chose to carry on with Bayern’s goalkeeper again.

Stegen expressed his disappointment with that : it’s not easy to find an explanation, and I am doing my best every game.

Neuer responded to his colleague comments, with Bayern president support, Mr. Uli Hoeness, ” we will never approve on Ter Stegen to be basic instead of Neuer, if that happened, we won’t send players to the national team anymore.

Since Bayern will meet Tottenham in UEFA Champions League, Neuer is going to be under pressure certainly, and will seek to regain the national’s coach trust again.

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