Most incredible moments in UEFA Champions League history, Liverpool coach didn’t see

A few who watched the goal which qualified Liverpool for UEFA Champions League finale 2019, particularly some Barcelona players who scored against themselves and lost the game.

Jürgen Klopp, best coach in Europe as same as thousands of people in Anfield, didn’t saw the moment in which the fourth goal was scored against Barcelona, then qualified to the finale.

“unfortunately, the most incredible moment through UEFA Champions League history, I didn’t saw” Klopp in an interview with The Players ‘Tribune.

Divock Origi goal surprised everyone, Trent Alexander-Arnold walked to the corner followed by Shaquiri. After this scene, the German coach headed to talked with his assistant about the next replacement, Klopp says: I heard loud noise, I turned to the field and saw the ball entering Barcelona goal.

“could you imagine? 18 years as coach, millions of hours watching this game but losing such a great moment”.

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