FIFA disclosure why not count voting for Salah’s in awards this year

FIFA explained the reason for not counting some votes for Mohamed Salah for FIFA World Player of the Year, since Liverpool star wasn’t within top three nominees, and he wasn’t even nominated by Egypt national team captain and its coach.

Salah seemed upset when FIFA voting list was published without picking his country, he said he removed Egypt’s sign of bio on Twitter, and published ” whatever they try to do to change my love for Egypt, they will not succeed” .

FIFA responded to clarify why not these voices were counted for Salah, in a statement issued yesterday Thursday.

By monitoring voices submitted by Egyptian Football Association in august 15, it was noticed the signatures on voting forms were capital letters, further seemed ( incorrect), also the forms weren’t signed by the secretary general, which is a mandatory. 

Juan Barrera, Nicaragua captain claimed on twitter he didn’t vote despite his name was within the FIFA formal form, which says he chose Lionel Messi,  Sadio Mane and Cristiano Ronaldo as the top three.

 ” after  vote papers submitted by Nicaragua association compared with the one we published on our website, we confirm we have the correct signed papers by the player, and we ask Nicaragua association to open an inquiry about this matter.

Messi was chosen as FIFA World Player of the Year ahead of Salah in addition to his colleague in Liverpool, Virgil van Dijk , and his old competitor Cristiano Ronaldo.

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