Barcelona healing, but the pressure keeps on

Barcelona started to recover on Tuesday, but everything still worrying to some extent in Camp Nou these days.

Winning over Villarreal 1-2, has brought Barcelona back to the right way after losing in Granada on Saturday and got three important points on the way of keeping its local title, Barcelona is lucky somehow especially that Real Madrid is still substandard, Atlético Madrid still trying to find himself after Antoine Griezmann and captain Diego Godin leaving, and Joao Felix arrival this season, in the recent years, the way Barcelona started this season might be unacceptable for its audience.

Lionel Messi achieved after winning Best FIFA Men’s Player in Milano, a first starting this season after recovering from a calf injury all summer, it didn’t took much long for the Argentinian to make an advancement goal to Griezmann in the sixth minute, but Messi didn’t go through the whole game, as he went out after the first half because of a new injury probably, he said on Monday he isn’t feeling well 100٪ until now, and with important matches coming against Inter Milan And Seville, Barcelona has to be more careful how to bring the 32 year old back again into the formation.    

It’s unclear yet how bad is Messi’s injury, but what’s so clear is how much  Barcelona relies on the maestro – to the extend he feels he has to speed his return to the formation, without him the team sounded much disordered.

Griezmann pointed after the game that the club need more time to combine two new main pieces- he means himself and Ajax former star, Frenkie de Jong – there might be some truth about that, Jordi Alba who is considered a vital part of Barcelona affected the team output regarding defense.

“certainly we are away of a better version of Barcelona, but with more training and more time we will get better ” Griezmann.

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