Khabib Nurmagomedov crush Dustin Poirier at first ever match since months

Khabib returned strongly to UFC 242 ring.

Khabib has kept an undefeated record, and successfully kept his title for the second time after winning over Dustin Poirier in Abu Dhabi, the Russian reached an amazing record : 28 – 0, Khabib started the game perfectly and put his competitor on the ground at the start, and kept him there without giving him any chance, Arabic audience was shouting Khabib’s name all the time.

Poirier came after a series of five games without any defeat and with a temporary title, the American started the second round better and punched the Russian, but after that Khabib grabbed him longer time on the ground, without any possibility to resist.

In the third round, Dustin grabbed Khabib’s neck, but Khabib was able to free himself and pressure his competitor’s neck until the last one surrendered, Khabib rushed into the stands and hugged Dana White, President of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Last year Khabib defeated Irish Conor McGregor and then got involved in a huge scandal at the end of the game, and was suspended.

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