Messi exhausted and wont travel with Barcelona

Barcelona said, captain Lionel Messi suffered a little illness in his right leg, and will not travel with preparing trip to USA, in which the club will play two friendly games before the season.

The Champion of La Liga pointed that Messi bailed on the training session on Monday, for ” un comfortableness in his right leg “, the club didn’t says when to expect the player to be ready again, but clearly it’s just a simple stress on the muscle.  

Barcelona’s first official game this season, is La Liga opening game on Athletic Bilbao, 17 august.

Before that, the club will visit USA to play a friendly game with Napoli in Miami next Thursday, and he will play after that another one against the same club in Michigan university on Saturday.

Messi was spending his summer vacation, after Argentina took the third in Copa América last month.

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