“we won; we don’t have to play anymore “– incredible story of Ferguson’s most famous speech

Patrice Evra spoke about an amazing moment in the lockers with Manchester United, before UEFA Champions League 2018 finale.

Ferguson gave one of the most exciting speeches during his career at that evening, now Evra has announced these words.

” I remember the speech Sir Alex Ferguson gave before UEFA Champions League 2018 finale with Chelsea in Moscow, I was in the lockers when he came to us, as usual the music stopped, Ferguson said : I won, but we looked at each other, and he kept going : I actually won, we don’t even have to play this game, we started to wonder what that’s mean, the game didn’t started yet, ” Ferguson looked at me and told me : look at me Patrice, he has 24 brothers and sisters, imagine what his mother had to do in order to feed them.

” then looked at Rooney, and said look to Wayne he was born and raised in Liverpool worst barrio, therefore he looked at Park Ji-sung and said look at Park , just came from south Korea.

” he started to talk about our life stories and then I figured he was talking about friendship, we weren’t a team only, we were people from all over the world of all kind of cultures, races and religions”.

“now we are all here now in the locker room in Moscow, and we have to fight for a mutual case, through football we became friends, this my victory, Ferguson said”.

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