How much Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid lost after defeat in UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid were excluded from UEFA Champions League, this reflects significantly on the finical side, where both clubs lost by departing the European championship an amount of 45 million euro.

In last two seasons when it won UEFA Champions League twice, Real Madrid got 86 million euro and 85 million successively, on the other hand, in 2016-2017 season Atlético Madrid received 67 million euro for reaching semifinal, before losing the final against Real Madrid, according to Marca.

The awards value has raised greatly this year, the championship winner could get an amount of 115 million.

This exclusion from UEFA Champions League Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid will lost 70 and 67 million euro successively, this could also affects the investments of contracts that the two great Spanish want to do in summer.

Real Madrid who won three championships in a row in UEFA Champions League, has left suddenly by Ajax which achieved the biggest surprise this season after winning 1-2 in Amsterdam, Madrid has lost 4-1 on it ground, 32 years old Sergio Ramos captain of the team and a forward  received a yellow card in the end of the game in Netherlands on purpose, because he is convinced that Real Madrid  has settled the playoffs, the Spanish forward aim was to avoid absence due to yellow cards accumulation next league.

Atlético Madrid left the competition after Juventus won 0-3, after Atlético won on it ground the away game 0-2, however a few people expected Juventus  to be able to change the fate of qualification.

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