Hazard actually know where to play next season “I made my decision”

An ambiguous statement of Eden Hazard, one of Real Madrid most important aims recently, Chelsea star announced that he already know the club that he is going to play with next season.

Hazard said in an interview “I know what I am going to do, I made my decision already”.

Eden Hazard (28 years old) stated previously that he wants to play with Real Madrid, which his citizen Thibaut Courtois play, Hazard made a lot of controversial statements recently, what led to a cold relationship with Chelsea manger Maurizio Sarri.

And In this Hazard said “I play the only football I know, and what the coach says doesn’t matter, we can win on any team if we wanted to”.

Eden Hazard’s contract with Chelsea terminates in 2020 summer, until now the Belgian refused two extensions offers for his contract in Premier League; Hazard has 24 games and 10 goals this current season.

According to Spanish press, Real Madrid already offered an annual salary of 13 million euro to Eden Hazard.

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